Interiors and Exteriors photography
Fashion Shoot with Kikina Desing
Statement Jewelley shot with Maya's Atelier
Pet and Owner Photoshoot
Meet Gus.
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Fashion Photography Tie-Dye Campaign with Kikina Design

I had the pleasure to shoot the slow fashion brand by the very talented Irina, Kikina Design launched a tie-dye collection during lock-down that

Pop your goods in the post, I click it!

I have recently started offering remote product photography to accommodate the need of independent business and makers during COVID19 times. Instead of arranging a

Discovering beauty and skincare rituals with Saint Iris Adriatica

I’m slowly falling in love with discovering new independent brands, each one with their story, identity, and beautiful values. Sait Iris Adriatica name is

How to get ready for your product shoot

Preparing for a product or any type of shoot is the key to success. If you are getting ready to work with a professional

At home photography series // with Maya’s atelier clay earrings

Maya contacted me first on Instagram and we arranged a call to discuss the remote product shoot, it was quite funny as we had

Where to stay when in Chapada dos Veadeiros – Brazil // Bagua Hotel travel photography

Imagine a magical place, where you would like to spend your whole life? Well, welcome to Chapada dos Veadeiros, a real enchanted place near
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