Discovering beauty and skincare rituals with Saint Iris Adriatica

I’m slowly falling in love with discovering new independent brands, each one with their story, identity, and beautiful values.

Sait Iris Adriatica name is inspired by the Sweet Iris of Dalmatia, traditionally offered to goddesses and saints for protecting spice cargoes en route from East to West via Adriatic ports. This delicate bloom, which thrives in the rockiest terrains, symbolizes grace and resilience – the perfect emblem for The brand.

Right at the beginning of lockdown I have connected with Sanela, the brand founder and  created some beauty and lifestyle images, skin care and self portraits for their brand and it was beautiful self-discovery and creative work. What I loved about the brand the most was their idea of  Following your FJAKA, your Adriatic bliss – It’s the antidote to urban stress which Croatians believe comes simply from doing what you love. SIA is designed to deliver fjaka on tap whenever, wherever you need it with get-up-and-glow products to help you get back in balance. Knowing what is the brand is about I wanted to create images that reflect those values and brought their product into a beautiful and loving light.

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