How to get ready for your product shoot

Preparing for a product or any type of shoot is the key to success. If you are getting ready to work with a professional photographer or if you are planning to click your goods yourself, here are some tips that will help you to feel as you are ready to rock!


You know your clients better than anyone else, therefore you know what appeals for them what they would like to see or relate to. Thinking of what you would like on your shots, creating a list of ideas will make the shoot much more efficient and we will together get the best results.


We all love a little Pinterest moodboard, don’t we? It’s is really important to understand what you like and what you are expecting from the shoot to know what type of images appeal to you, so browsing different brands and checking what is out there is a great way to start with it.

I have prepared some boards that can help you to start with.


I love lists! Once you decide what products you will be sending over, it’s nice to know if you would like individual shots of them, or all in collection together – so let’s get an idea of what we would like to see as a result and how and where you will be using them for.


I have a selection of props and backdrops that I use on my shoots and absolutely love looking for new ones depending on the shoot ideas. It’s helpful to know what materials and colors you would like to connect with your brand. If you feel that there is anything specific you would rather have, we can discuss and arrange for it to happen.


It might sound obvious but making sure your products are looking perfect to be shot is a must, check the labels, and all details before posting them. Also, if you would like an image that looks like there are loads of them and perhaps showing different sides/a angles of the products, you would need to send the right number of products for that. This is when the shot list comes handy, know everything you would like captured.


At the end of the day having a product photoshoot is an investment for your brand and we want to make sure to go beyond your expectations, so let’s take the time and think it all together and create the most beautiful images that will do the work for you. You can find out more about how to book your remote photography shoot here.

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